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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Alcohol is a Drug

I went to a NA meeting today for the first time in almost two weeks. It felt good to go back. I had thoughts of not going back to meetings until I reached thirty days clean, but in the back of my head I heard the saying, "Those who make meetings regularly stay clean." This stuck it my head and so today I went to a meeting that my sponser chairs. There were only three of us, but we had a real good forty-five minute conversation. It was good to talk about alcohol as the last two times I relapsed, I drank beforehand. Alot of recovering addicts use alcohol as a substitute. In my case, I tried to trick myself into thinking I could have and few and be ok. This was not the case. When I used, seventy-five percent of the time I started out drinking first. With drinking and using going hand-in-hand for me, my addiction tried to trick me into thinking a few would be ok. I was off and running both times before I knew it. Alcohol is a drug as it is a mind-altering substance. This is a fact and not an opinion. Some can handle their drugs, some can not.

Job 37:22-23

Out of the north He comes in golden splendor; God comes in awsome majesty. The Almighty is beyond our reach and exalted in power; in his justice and great righteousness, He does not oppress.

That last statement, "He does not oppress," really stuck with me. God does not shun or isolate people. He does not revoke His love or play favorites. I have found myself in the past thinking that since I did not love God anymore, He did not love me. When all along, He was right there the whole time. Thank You God, Thank You Lord Jesus Christ and The Holy Spirit. Thank You for being at my side every minute of my life. I will not give up on You, for my oppression will be directed towards my addiction.

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